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geez i hate southwest virginia....this makes me sick.

From: Dean & Janet Welty [mailto:djwelty@iprobablyshouldn']
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 3:18 PM
To: Family Forum
Subject: Family Forum Alert: "Gay and Straight Alliance" Clubs -- NOT for Our Children!

To: Friends of the Valley Family Forum

Summary: Students have formed a "Gay and Straight Alliance" club at Harrisonburg High School. When parents protested, gay activists and supporters countered aggressively and even threatened legal action if school officials ban the new club. Action Request: Write letters to the DNR, speak out on talk radio, ask school board members to suspend GSA activities for further review, and attend the next school board meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 7. (See details below.)

Background: As most of you already know, Harrisonburg High School Principal Irene Reynolds has approved a student request to form a "Gay and Straight Alliance" club, with teacher Sheila Antonnicola as its sponsor. Its announced objectives include AIDS/HIV education, fundraising, counseling, and promotion of "tolerance" for homosexual students.

The Legal Dilemma: When some parents objected to the formation of this club on moral grounds, school officials told them that the Equal Access Act of 1984 protects clubs like this just as it does Bible Study clubs and that they are bound to follow the law.

Our Conclusions about GSA: For these reasons, the Gay and Straight Alliance club does not belong in Harrisonburg High School -- or any school, for that matter. There are many ways to deal with so-called "intolerance", but promoting high-risk sexual behavior is not one of them.

· It confuses young people at a vulnerable period in their lives and opens the door to sexual liaisons with gay activists who have a history of promiscuity and adult/child relations.

· It encourages children to reject the values, advice, and authority of their parents and spiritual leaders and to break one of society’s strongest taboos.

· When that happens, it sets impressionable children on a road that often leads to high-risk sexual promiscuity, physical decline, emotional turbulence, and criminal delinquency.

· It flouts widely accepted community standards of moral behavior and decency, including an emphasis on sexual abstinence as a matter of school policy, and fuels growing parental concerns about the direction of our public school system.

· It sets into motion a ripple effect on students in other area schools, as it has already done.

· It exposes school administrators and faculty to possible legal action should a child be drawn into homosexual behavior without the parents’ knowledge or consent.

Call to Action: Against this background, it is time for us to speak out or we will default to those who would force their immoral agenda on us. There are several ways to do this.


so i cut out some of the parts about who to call to protest and the strategizing details.

god forbid their ignorance not be passed on to....other people's children.

there are so many things wrong with that i don't even know where to start.

i emailed them back and basically said that their ignornace made me sick and i wanted off that list that i never subscribed to in the first place.

what do i get back?
we believe that the protection of the unborn and of the sanctity of marriage, including restricting sexual relations to the marriage relationship, are positions that americans have traditionally held to and that have served our nation well. it is surprising to me that such positions are not universally supported.

again, words cannot even express how angry statements like that make me.

this is why religion is bullshit.
not that i hate god, or am totally convinced that he doesn't exist.

but because (overly) religious people tend to get on my nerves, using GOD as an exuse to justify their narrow minded moral beliefs.

if there is a god, and he created us all....don't you think he'd want us to make our own decisions and be happy?

i just can't see where harsh judgement of people, oppressed homosexuals, and unwanted (but alive!) children fits in to the whole 'god loves all of us' and 'love thy neighbor' stuff that fills the whole rest of the bible.

or maybe i'm just going to hell.

cut only because i realize not everyone wants to read my angry opinionated ramblings.
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