the ugly duckling (ruby4kc) wrote,
the ugly duckling

no this doesn't have to do with kerry or bush

from that stupid 'family forum' email list serve that i have no idea how i got on.

The election results of last Tuesday set the tone for the evening. “Moral Values” was a greater concern of voters across the nation than any other issue, including Iraq and the war on terrorism. We voted our values, and elected candidates who spoke out for the sanctity of life and of marriage. Marriage was the big winner, as all 11 states that were asked to define marriage as between one man and one woman did so decisively. There is new hope for marriage and the family in America!

The vote was a clear backlash against the “Moral Meltdown” of America in recent years. Abortion has claimed the lives of 45 million unborn babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Fifty percent of marriages now end in divorce; 37% of babies are born out-of-wedlock; and 33% of our children are being raised in single family homes. They are paying the price with emotional trauma, lower academic achievement, and child abuse, all leading to higher rates of sexual promiscuity and crime.

Pastor John Sloop said the vote on Tuesday reflected the desire of Americans for a return to the Biblical values and time-honored principles of our founding fathers. He called for a new spirit that reaches across political, economic, and ethnic lines to rebuild the moral foundations of our nation.

The Family Foundation of Virginia, the state affiliate of Focus on the Family, then “Unveiled” its plans for General Assembly 2005. These included a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between only one man and one woman; relief from “fetal pain” for unborn babies in the deadly grip of the abortionist, and library filters to protect our children from internet pornography.

i'm not even going to get into the 4392848 reasons why that gets to me.

but people like that are the reason i'm not a christian anymore.
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